Easy Peasy Cream Eggs

Hello readers!

Today I’m sharing with you a really easy way to turn your humble boiled egg into a plate full of solace!

So, I never mentioned how me and Maitri met, right? Well, we were studying in the same university in London and lived only a building away! That meant lots of dinners together, lots of cooking and lots of yummy food! These no-fuss cream eggs were our savior in the kitchen when we had zero time to cook. So, if you’re running late, or need a side dish for dinner, or are just too lazy to cook, you need to read this recipe. These cream eggs will melt your heart, total comfort food in no time! Eggs are so underestimated but in this dish they’re our hero! This recipe is completely original, so I can proudly say I made a contribution to the culinary world! Or my uncle did, who conceived this recipe. :p


Easy Peasy Cream Eggs- Straight from the pan !

This dish is a complete winner, all our friends who’ve tasted it have asked us for the recipe! So guys I hope you’re all ears…and eyes! This recipe is pretty basic, but then again we’re basic too! NO PROFESSIONAL CHEFS HERE GUYS! Now we know they’re not the prettiest looking dish but trust me, what these eggs lack in looks they make up for in taste! Try them and you’ll know!

So, What are we making?

Easy Peasy Cream Eggs.

What are we using?

Nothing really..

A few boiled eggs sliced breadth-wise, depends how many people you’re making for.

Single cream (or Double, if you don’t mind the extra calories)

Fresh coriander chopped (Lots of it)

Fresh green chilli chopped (make sure they’re not too hot, medium hot chili for a little crunch is what we need)

Salt and pepper to taste

What are we doing?

Step 1: Heat a pan, it doesn’t have to be crazy hot, just warm or your cream will split. Put in some cream, enough to cover the base of the pan. Put in the eggs and cover them with cream (another layer). There has to be enough cream to just cover the eggs, please don’t drown them in cream.

Step 2: Sprinkle lots of coriander and green chili, add the salt and pepper and just give it a stir so that everything comes together nicely.

Step 3: There is not step 3, it’s done!

Serve your eggs piping hot as a side dish or a main! You could have them for breakfast over a toasted bread or just on their own. They’re amazingly yummy, solace on a plate! I hope you enjoy these eggs. Please write back if you have any suggestions or queries!


Radhika xx

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