Wedding Hair Tutorial

Difficulty level 2/5

Hello my beautiful readers!

I came across this really lovely hair tutorial which I thought would be perfect for a wedding, I’d say for a bride even! Loved the romance in this hairstyle. I can almost imagine myself with this hairstyle on and feeling all Roman-era-princessy!
This hairstyle is pretty basic, given you have a second person with you to help. If you’re a beginner and are doing it all by yourself..I’d say stop and get someone, you don’t wanna be stuck there forever right?


Step 1: Divide your hair in 5 sections, not necessarily equal.
Step 2: French braid each section as shown in pictures 2, 3 and 4 and secure the ends with a rubber band.
Step 3: Pull out the braids a little from all 5 of them to give it volume.
Step 4: Take the end of the centre braid and fold it inwards and pin it up. Repeat for all 5 braids, only fold them towards the centre braid so that they all are pinned at the same spot.
Secure any loose hair with bobby pins. Leave a few fringes for that romantic look and spray your hair with a good hairspray and Voila! You’re done!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, do try it and let us know what you thought about it.

Radhika xx

Burberry Heart Collection- Love at First Sight <3

Just checked out Burberry’s website a few days back and saw this entire range of beautiful bags and apparels with heart prints! Now I know what love at first sight must feel like… ❤ Check out the Burberry heart collection here and fall in LOVE!!!


Love this Crush bag in heart prints


Look at the bag!


Rita Ora in Burberry hearts!

BUR0209.450x675 burberry2 burberry-aw13-heart-shirt

burberry-prorsum-rtw-fw2013-runway-02_150606291115_zps9d494ff0 burberry-prorsum-rtw-fw2013-runway-04_150608696853

Now I know many girls would instantly fall in love with this collection..Guys..Not so much! But really, this man is rocking the heart collection! Too British..Almost boy-bandish.. !


Looking dapper in hearts!