Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen and Rachel Allen’s Bake!

Switched on the TV at just the right time! Enjoyed a really old episode of Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen (Her kids look so young!) followed by Rachel Allen’s Bake! I can’t really put into words how much I adore these woman! Nigella doesn’t just cook but the way she describes food, it almost sounds like a food fairy tale, I watch not to learn but to enjoy watching Nigella in the Kitchen and Rachel Allen actually teaches me stuff, I guess I caught the baking fever from her! Love how properly she describes her recipes and to be in her cookery school is my dream!
Nigella made a turkey brushed with butter and maple syrup, Brussel sprouts with pancetta and parsley and chestnuts and roast potatoes (surprisingly she used semolina instead of flour) all looked wonderful, so did she!


It’s alright to cheat every now and then in your kitchen! Learnt that from Nigella who served ready made pudding to her guests, but she did flambé it.. And scored all the points! 😉
Smart woman Nigella! *thumbs up*


Rachel made an Iced orange cake and followed by spinach, goats cheese and potato tart !
Dying to try her recipes!



You can get all these recipes online or you could wait a few day I’ll get them to you when I make it for you!

Hope you have a great weekend !

Happy cooking!

Radhika xx

Happy Birthday Radhika <3 <3

Hello Friends,

So today is my BFF & Co-Blogger Radhika’s Birthday..yayiee !! Not that I have wished her personally but since I have this medium to write down my wishes which will be a real sweet surprise to her and be here for the records forever 🙂 😀

Happy Birthday Radhika..May all your dreams come true and let nothing change you except for the better.Love you always..


Its incredible how my interest in cooking & baking developed. No really I was an absolute kitchen phobic and hated the thought of going to the kitchen. Just 2 years ago before I met her I knew nothing to cook except for eggs & instant noodles. And today I am so confident of trying out new dishes and making them a reality. And I love it when people eat my food and appreciate it. Its such a wonderful feeling. All thanks to Radhika for getting me out of my Phobia and turning it to one of my strength and Passion. Kudos to our friendship and common love for Food-Fashion-Travel.


Hope you have a wonderful Birthday with all style and elegance. Enjoy your favorite Macaroon Tower I am sending your way. Happy Birthday once again 🙂 🙂


Lots of Love,


Takeaway meal worth £314.16, comes with a security guard!

Takeaway meal worth £314.16, comes with a security guard!

Whoever said takeaway cannot be fancy? Chef Charlie Bingham has created a takeaway meal for a whopping £314.16! He used some really pricey stuff to make the dish, so we’ll give it to him. Apparently the dish comes with a security guard. what!!? 😮 This Swish Pie surely sounds appetizing with salmon, truffles and Dom Perignon being used, but I smell ‘publicity stunt’! Read all about it! 

Saatchi: ‘No evidence’ ex-wife Nigella Lawson did drugs

Can someone look as gorgeous as her after 10 years or more of drug abuse? I refuse to believe that! No wonder Saatchi has no evidence!


Charles Saatchi, the millionaire ex-husband of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, said Friday he believed his ex-wife had taken drugs but had no evidence of it, as he testified at the trial of two former assistants accused of fraud.

The former assistants, Italian sisters Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, deny embezzling hundreds of thousands of pounds on company credit cards.

Allegations of drug use by Lawson were made in a pre-trial hearing for the case earlier this week, when an e-mail sent by Saatchi to Lawson in October was read out by the defense.

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