Best city in the world? Paris? No. It’s LONDON!

Best city in the world? Paris? No. It’s LONDON!

I came across this post a few days back, and it put a grin on my face because it just confirmed what we’ve been blabbering about for the past two years! London voted as the best city in the world leaving Sydney, Paris, New York and Rome behind! No city in this world can compare to what London can offer you. Shoreditch’s night life, Green park’s poshness, Camden Town’s craziness,shopping at Bond Street, late nights at Leicester square, the magic of winter wonderland and so much more. London has something to offer to everyone! No matter where you’re from and what language you speak, you will run into people from your motherland once you start looking at the right places! Being this one big crazy mixture of people from around the globe has it’s advantages too, in this case it was our favorite, The Food! World cuisine at the tap of an oyster card.


Turkish Baklava at Greenwich market, London.


Hola Paella at Covent Garden market serves mouth watering paella and sangria.

Eat Mexican at Wahaca, Korean at Bi Bim Bap, Italian at Carluccio’s, Spanish paella’s at Covent Garden Market, Indian at Masala Zone, Pakistani at Tayyab’s, and if you want all that in one place then we have the alltime favorite, Jimmy’s, pretty much everywhere! Not just food, London has got some amazing options for shopping from goth fashion shopping at Camden Town to uber posh, Old Bond Street for your LV’s and Gucci’s.


Must visit Camden Town market if you’re in mood for some goth fashion and bargains. Beware, there are a few upscale boutiques here and there!


If you’re looking for Chinese buffets this is where you should go.. London’s Chinatown in Soho.


Top labels at Old Bond Street. If you’re not into top labels, this area is good for a stroll too. I bumped into Shah Rukh Khan here, maybe you would too! 😀

The city is super safe for girls too, and the people..oh the people.. So polite, so nice! If the world was ending and we had a few months to live, we’d choose to spend those precious moments in London! That’s how much we love it!

No matter how weird you are, there's always place for you in London!

No matter how weird you are, there’s always place for you in London!