Wedding Hair Tutorial

Difficulty level 2/5

Hello my beautiful readers!

I came across this really lovely hair tutorial which I thought would be perfect for a wedding, I’d say for a bride even! Loved the romance in this hairstyle. I can almost imagine myself with this hairstyle on and feeling all Roman-era-princessy!
This hairstyle is pretty basic, given you have a second person with you to help. If you’re a beginner and are doing it all by yourself..I’d say stop and get someone, you don’t wanna be stuck there forever right?


Step 1: Divide your hair in 5 sections, not necessarily equal.
Step 2: French braid each section as shown in pictures 2, 3 and 4 and secure the ends with a rubber band.
Step 3: Pull out the braids a little from all 5 of them to give it volume.
Step 4: Take the end of the centre braid and fold it inwards and pin it up. Repeat for all 5 braids, only fold them towards the centre braid so that they all are pinned at the same spot.
Secure any loose hair with bobby pins. Leave a few fringes for that romantic look and spray your hair with a good hairspray and Voila! You’re done!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, do try it and let us know what you thought about it.

Radhika xx

Burberry Heart Collection- Love at First Sight <3

Just checked out Burberry’s website a few days back and saw this entire range of beautiful bags and apparels with heart prints! Now I know what love at first sight must feel like… ❤ Check out the Burberry heart collection here and fall in LOVE!!!


Love this Crush bag in heart prints


Look at the bag!


Rita Ora in Burberry hearts!

BUR0209.450x675 burberry2 burberry-aw13-heart-shirt

burberry-prorsum-rtw-fw2013-runway-02_150606291115_zps9d494ff0 burberry-prorsum-rtw-fw2013-runway-04_150608696853

Now I know many girls would instantly fall in love with this collection..Guys..Not so much! But really, this man is rocking the heart collection! Too British..Almost boy-bandish.. !


Looking dapper in hearts!

Messy Side Braid- Step by Step!

We  all have our distinctive fashion style, from glam top labels to chic street style, they’re all so unique! This year we’ve seen the growing popularity of Boho style. Bohemian style clothes, braids, buns have been trending and have become so popular among the fashionable-yet-comfort loving people. This fashion is so casual yet glam! Even big labels like Tory Burch endorse it. So today we’ll show you how to do a casual boho-chic hairstyle, perfect for day outs, lunches and if accessorized well, even for dinner parties and clubbing!

This messy side braid is easy to make and quick, if you’re not a newbie to hair styling. Even if you are, worry not, its not rocket science! You’ll get the hang of it! This tutorial is inspired from an amazing blog by Elsie and Emma, A Beautiful Mess. Check it out by clicking here.

Messy Side Braid- Step by Step

You could do this hairstyle everyday! Photo credits:

Step 1: French braid your hair from the back to side.

Step 2: Secure your hair with an elastic band on the side.

Step 3: Back comb your entire ponytail to give it that extra volume and that boho look. Don’t worry if the braid looks uneven, that’s the look we’re trying to achieve.

Step 4: Braid your back combed hair as you normally would and secure the end with an elastic.

Step 5: Pull out the braids a little to create volume and that messy look.

Step 6:  Enjoy your amazing new hairstyle! Accessorize for a party look.

Pull out hair from either sides to create a look similar to Miley Cyrus!

Accessorize your braid and get this glam look !