Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen and Rachel Allen’s Bake!

Switched on the TV at just the right time! Enjoyed a really old episode of Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen (Her kids look so young!) followed by Rachel Allen’s Bake! I can’t really put into words how much I adore these woman! Nigella doesn’t just cook but the way she describes food, it almost sounds like a food fairy tale, I watch not to learn but to enjoy watching Nigella in the Kitchen and Rachel Allen actually teaches me stuff, I guess I caught the baking fever from her! Love how properly she describes her recipes and to be in her cookery school is my dream!
Nigella made a turkey brushed with butter and maple syrup, Brussel sprouts with pancetta and parsley and chestnuts and roast potatoes (surprisingly she used semolina instead of flour) all looked wonderful, so did she!


It’s alright to cheat every now and then in your kitchen! Learnt that from Nigella who served ready made pudding to her guests, but she did flambé it.. And scored all the points! 😉
Smart woman Nigella! *thumbs up*


Rachel made an Iced orange cake and followed by spinach, goats cheese and potato tart !
Dying to try her recipes!



You can get all these recipes online or you could wait a few day I’ll get them to you when I make it for you!

Hope you have a great weekend !

Happy cooking!

Radhika xx